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Share stories of Latinx Social Workers that: Provide inspiration to Latinx in social work. Give advice and let our messages have an impact on reader lives. Showcase the social work profession and highlight its different areas.

Why does this Matter?

Latinx in Social Work calls awareness to racism, bias, and discrimination felt by social workers. By telling our stories we create an opportunity to undo these injustices and guide others to know where they exist. As a community we create a space to reflect on our shared experiences offering personal and professional guidance to the next generation of Latinx social workers.

SHORTAGE – Latinxs are the largest ethnic minority in the US yet only 14% of social workers are Latinx.

WIDESPREAD PROBLEM – Latinax are particularly subject to hiring bias, underpaid, and face disproportionate job losses due to COVID-19.

SOCIAL WORK RACISM – Executive positions in social work are often occupied by white people and Latinx commonly experienced racial bias