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Latinx in Social Work is a book is about space. The space we take up, the spaces we create and nurture, and the spaces that have yet to exist, but are so crucial to the growth and development of Latinx social workers, mental health practitioners, executives, and professionals in all industries in this country, and beyond. This book is a revolutionary step in creating a movement that is committed to owning our own narratives, naming common but unspoken struggles and challenges, and driving our own healing from the past while highlighting our successes and creating a space for hope for the future.

Erica Priscilla Sandoval, LCSW-SIFI

Founder / Creator

Erica P. Sandoval is the creator of Latinx in Social Work and is dedicated to amplifying voices and business of incredible Latinx social workers who are healing and inspiring communities.

Erica P. Sandoval, LCSW-SIFI is Founder of Sandoval CoLab, a psychotherapy and consulting group. As a passionate, licensed clinical therapist and consultant, she is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is committed to amplifying the voices and businesses of incredible Latinx social work leaders and social justice-focused changemakers, who are healing and inspiring communities.

She partners with organizations, universities, nonprofits, health care facilities, medical, and corporate professionals to provide access to resources to advance teams and help employees and students thrive. Most recently, she co-founded Employee Network Allyance, a space for allyship for today and tomorrow’s employee network leaders who help each other succeed.

Erica holds a post master’s degree in clinical adolescent psychology and a master’s in social work from New York University, Silver School of Social Work. She currently serves as a volunteer leader as president of the board of directors for National Association of Social Workers NYC, the largest organization for professional social workers worldwide.

Her work focuses on the intersectionality of behavioral health, social disparities, trauma, and human development. She serves as advisor for Latino Social Work Coalition and Prospanica NY. Her successful career earned her numerous awards. She is regularly invited to be a guest speaker, moderator, and panelist by well-known organizations. Her greatest pride is raising her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Isabella, as a single mother, who she considers her biggest teacher. As a proud immigrant from Ecuador, her passion is fueled by supporting the community she is a part of.

This is unrelated to her position with NASW-NYC; she is not acting in her capacity as an officer of NASW-NYC.